Meet The Dogs

Welcome to Black Jack Farm Hunt Terriers!
Our American Hunt Terrier parents are all unique along with their puppies. They all have been raised at our farm and spoiled since day one.
We take pride in every litter and would love to be able to match you with your next fur baby.
We are a proud member of the American Hunt Terrier Club Association. The AHTCA was established to register and promote the highly intelligent and loyal Hunt Terrier.
Hunt Terriers are also referred to as Black and Tan Terriers, Red Terriers, and Solid Colored Jack Russell Terriers.

Meet Jack!

Handsome Jack, also known as Boots, was initially going to be registered as Black Jack, hence Black Jack Farm. As he grew and developed, he became so handsome, I had to rethink his name. Handsome Jack just fits his stellar good looks! (I may be a bit partial.) Jack loves to be petted. He is not a lap dog unless he deigns to bless you with his presence. He also loves to sing. Sam Cookes, ‘You Send Me’, is his favorite song. My husband, Tem, leaves the room when Jack and I break out in song. Of course, there’s a bit of barking, whining and howling involved in his singing! Jack is very protective of his pack. He likes playing with his puppies and always keeps an eye on them outside.

Meet Inky!

Inky, Carmel’s Inkling, our sweetest ever dog, is loved by everyone. When we go to the Vet, it’s always, ‘Oh, is that Inky? She’s so sweet!’ Inky loves to give kisses, whether you want one or not. She’s such a great little mother and helps to keep the other dogs in line. If they start getting too rambunctious in the house, she intervenes.

Meet Birdie!

Inky and Handsome Jack’s daughter, Birdie, is the smartest dog I’ve known. She learns quickly and likes to please. She loves to hunt and stays busy outside as much as possible.

I guess that’s one of the main reasons I love and enjoy the Hunt Terriers. They all have such a sweetness for people at their core, yet different personalities and ways of showing their love. Even though they are great hunters, trackers and fiercely protective, they are essentially such great pets because they love human interaction.

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